New Dentist CE ~ What's worth the $

I am often asked by new dentists about "the best" post dental school CE options. There are definitely a couple key principles to follow when selecting CE. And, when I speak of CE I am not referring to the credits you need to maintain you licence...What I'm referring to is growth of your skill set and understanding of dentistry. The type of CE I'm talking about is teaching that changes the way you practice.

The reality is this: there is good CE and there is bad CE....there is expensive CE and free CE. Most often expensive CE (unfortunately...but not surprisingly) is by far the best and most comprehensive. These are often the courses that actually change how you practice. These courses change your career, teach you new skills (or drastically enhance skills you already have), and change your life. Great CE is priceless. 

But, the reality is that young dentists graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. And, although I'm sure many of us would love to jump right in and start taking "high level" courses; the reality is that we have bills to pay...and need to start actually making money rather than giving it to someone else. So, the truth is (especially for new grads and dentists 1 yr out) need to focus on practicing the skills you learned in dental school, make some money, and start to wade in slowly to the "high level" CE arena. I highly recommend taking ONE comprehensive "fundamental" CE course as early as possible (for more info on this see my CE guide for new dentists). In the beginning, free CE from periodicals, trade journals and academy publications may be all you can afford. That's fine! There is actually some great material to start digging into right away. 

Investing in "High Level" CE is going to cost you. The best 3-4 day (workshop) courses will usually run between $4000 - $6000. Multi-weekend program courses (for implants or ortho) can be as high as $20,000. I have a college who has signed up for a practice management consulting program that will cost him $60,000 next year! 

My advice: sign up for as many dental journals and trade journals as you can. Go to vendor cheap or Free vendor "low level CE"for ENDO, ORTHO, IMPLANTS and ORAL SURGERY and COSMETIC DENTISTRY. READ articles and start to learn where you want to focus you "high level" CE budget - once you're able. Then, choose one "high level" program ~ one that teaches foundation concepts. Later, later start to expand into new skill CE that can be translated into immediate ROI (return on investment). 

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