Building Wealth as a NEW Dentist & New Practice Owner: 3 Rules to Live By

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A TOOL YOU NEED  -  My Financial Calculator for DENTISTS

I made this tool because I realized that I needed a tool to view my debt, income and dental investments (practice info) in ONE location. I wish there were a tool like it when I first bought my practice...but there wasn't. I hope this tool helps you organize your finances!

TOP TIPS - Building Wealth as a NEW Dentist and New Practice Owner

Building wealth as a new dentist starts with organizing and understanding your finances...I've worked with so many young dentists who don't even know how much TOTAL DEBT they have! You have to know where you're starting from...How much debt you have? How much cash flow does your family need to operate each month? Can you afford to buy a practice purchase and do you understand HOW it will affect you bottom line?

Here are a couple tips to help you along the way...

ALL debt is a burden...but some debt is better than others. Your goal should be to eliminate all debt (EVENTUALLY). But, you should be strategic in how you eliminate debt, and tactical in how you utilize NEW debt to help you BUILD WEALTH. Your mortgage and your practice debt (even more so...) are actually tools to help you build wealth...this debt is LEVERAGE that helps you build wealth by purchasing an APPRECIATING ASSET. Dental school debt should be seen as an INVESTMENT you have made in your future...It got you the training you need to make money...But, after you's NOT great to keep it on your books. When I graduated dental school the cheapest rate available on my federal loans was 7%...considering I got my first mortgage for 3.5% (@ a 30 year term) school debt soon starts to look expensive! BUT, worse than dental school debt = debt on worthless/depreciating credit card debt, auto debt (unless it's zero percent interest), etc. Prioritize debt payoff according to type and interest rate...meaning concentrate first on debt that's NOT building you equity and debt that has the highest interest rate.


Cash is King. Having a cash cushion (in the bank) will help you sleep well at night. It will also allow you to position yourself well for FUTURE investment opportunities. The goal - to create EXCESS cash flow (meaning cash left over after everything is paid) in the realm of 20-25% of your income. Yes, start saving a quarter of your paycheck...and keep it liquid - easily accessible investments or cash. Without a cash cushion you'll have the added stress of living paycheck to paycheck...any disruption to your normal work schedule may result in an inability to pay the bills. What should your cash cushion goal be? Six times your monthly expenses should be a good place to start!

Everyone likes to talk about practice production...BUT what matters most is NET INCOME to Owner. Whether you're buying your first practice or evaluating your existing practice - what matters MOST is your take home paycheck. Would you rather work your butt off to produce a MILLION dollars and take home $200,000...or work 40% less (produce $600,000) and take home $400,000? It all comes down to controlling your expenses and managing your OVERHEAD and systems. Build a practice you that pays you well for the work you love to do! Your practice must be a well run business...with all the dials tuned in perfectly. Here are a couple targets to aim for: 30+ new patients a month, an overhead target of 52-62%, 90%+ reschedule rate.

Hope That Helps!

~ Dr B

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Hope that helps!

~ Dr B

Dental Podcasts: The Top 3 (worth your time)

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days...I mean don't get me wrong, I HAVE a podcast and I see the value in the teaching they provide - but there are too may to choose from...Which ones are WORTH your time? 

I'm all about delivering applicable, relevant and actionable information. I (and you) don't have the time to waste...we need quality teaching that is delivered efficiently. THAT is my primary hang up with many of them are simple conversations and background noise with little ACTUAL content being delivered. 

I've listened to a lot of them, and, I personally know (and have worked with) many of their creators. So, what do I personally look for when deciding which podcasts are worth my time and attention? 


3 Things you should look for in a  PODCAST


1) Are they delivering ACTUAL teaching/content that's RELEVANT to where you are at in your career...or is is just simply two people talking about nothing? There are podcasts for new practice owners, old dentists, marketers and female dentists...which is your flavor?

2) Is it short and to the point? I don't know about you...but I just don't have time to listen to a 50 minute podcast. Honestly I think most of them could be distilled down to 15-20 minutes. Find several that are brief and TO THE POINT?

3) ARE they DENTISTS? Or, are they an industry professional trying to sell you something? Yes, we can learn something from these people...BUT I stick to listening to actual dentists - who know what it's like to battle in the trenches.


THE BEST PODCASTS OUT THERE ~ Dr Brenny Recommend (Excluding Mine...of course :)


1) Dr Mark Costes ~ Dentalpreneur Podcast

If you're not listening to should. He's probably the #1 dentist educator our there today. I've been on his show...he consistently delivers REAL teaching for dentists. Check him out!


2) Dr Anissa Holmes ~ Delivering WOW Podcast

Anissa is a Mom, practice owner and dentists BLOWING it up in the realm of Facebook marketing and brand building. She's got a great following and knows her stuff.


3) Dr T-Bone ~ TBone Speaks

This guy is a real world dentist that shoots it straight. Pretty simple and to the point, this podcast is full of advice and experiences from T-Bone and his practice.



Hope that helps!

~ Dr B